sbx capital

SBX Capital

SBX Capital is a technology investment holding company. While there is limited information available about SBX Capital, here is what we know:

  1. Overview:
    • SBX Capital is a technology investment holding company.
    • It focuses on investing globally across stages and industries, with a particular emphasis on value unlocked by emerging technologies.
  2. Investment Focus:
    • Emerging Technologies: SBX Capital seeks investment opportunities in companies that leverage emerging technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), and others.
    • Diverse Industries: The company invests across various industries, including but not limited to, venture capital, private equity, and other technology-driven sectors.
  3. Company Details:
    • Industry: Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals.
    • Company Size: 2-10 employees .
    • Type: Privately Held.
    • Founded: 2020.


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