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Runa Capital

Runa Capital is an international venture capital firm that funnels investments into early-stage software startups globally. Established in 2010 by tech entrepreneurs Serg Bell and Ilya Zubarev, in conjunction with their associate Dmitry Chikhachev, Runa Capital primarily invests in deep tech (encompassing AI, machine learning, middleware, open source, etc.), cloud business applications, fintech, edutech, and digital health startups.

Key Information about Runa Capital:

  • Headquarters: Luxembourg
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2010
  • Specialties: Venture Capital, Startups, Investments, Entrepreneurship, Fintech, Edtech, Digital Health, B2B, SaaS, Machine Learning, Deep Tech, Virtual Reality, Middleware, Deep Tech, VR, VC, Software, Cloud Computing, Mobile Apps, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Round A, Round B, Blockchain, and IT.


  • Runa Capital has invested in over 100 companies in more than 14 countries, including NGINX, MariaDB, Acumatica, Mambu, Brainly, Smava, and Zopa.


  • Runa Capital has raised three funds: Runa Capital I, Runa Capital II, and Runa Capital III. The first fund was launched in 2010 and focused on investments from seed to Series B stage. The second fund, launched in 2014, aimed at Series A and B rounds. The third fund, launched in 2020, focused on deep tech with additional interest in quantum computing startups. In 2022, Runa Capital also launched the Runa Capital Opportunity Fund I.


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