Rocinante Research

Rocinante Research

Rocinante Research is a research and evaluation company founded by Dr. Rick Orlina in 2014. Dr. Orlina is an experienced evaluation and research scientist with a diverse background in various disciplines and industries. The company specializes in applying social network analysis and exploring perspectives that account for the complexities of the world.

Services and Expertise:
Rocinante Research offers a range of services and expertise in research and evaluation. Some of their key areas of focus include:

  1. Social Network Analysis: The company leverages social network analysis to examine communication and knowledge exchange networks in various contexts. This includes studying networks among graduate students in interdisciplinary training programs, customer support personnel in online gaming companies, and teachers in middle schools.
  2. Evaluation: Rocinante Research applies evaluation methodologies to assess the effectiveness and impact of programs, interventions, and policies. Dr. Orlina holds a Certificate of Advanced Study in Evaluation, highlighting the company’s expertise in this area.
  3. Research Design and Methodology: The company has extensive experience in designing research studies and selecting appropriate methodologies to address complex research questions. They apply theories and methodologies from the social sciences to study various topics, including violent extremism and national security.
  4. Collaboration and Problem-Solving: Rocinante Research thrives on collaborating with clients to tackle interesting and challenging problems. They work closely with organizations to find novel and useful solutions, drawing on their expertise and experience.


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