NexGenVenture is a venture capital enterprise that offers assistance and resources to entrepreneurs, concentrating predominantly on early-stage and expansion-stage companies. Here is some key information about NexGenVenture:

  1. Investment Focus:
    • NexGenVenture typically invests $1M – $2M in early-stage companies and $3M – $5M in growth-stage companies.
    • They specialize in backing young degens, builders, and talented individuals who have the potential to reshape and accelerate the future of the crypto market.
    • The firm aims to connect talent, technology, and capital for the next generation in crypto, empowering young professionals and project builders.
  2. Support and Services:
    • NexGenVenture provides entrepreneurs with valuable connectivity for sales, hiring, and financing introductions¬†.
    • They offer on-demand advice and support to the entrepreneurs they back.
    • The firm’s network includes over 1700+ Venture Partners who are top entrepreneurs and executives committed to supporting the entrepreneurs they back.
  3. Industry Focus:
    • NexGenVenture operates in the crypto and blockchain industry, specifically focusing on the future of the crypto market.
    • They invest in projects and individuals involved in Web3, decentralized finance (DeFi), and other emerging sectors within the crypto space.
  4. Company Information:
    • NexGenVenture is a youth-driven investment institution.
    • The firm aims to provide all the necessary resources and support for the launch of young builders’ projects.
    • They strive to promote a more inclusive and diverse startup ecosystem by investing in the next generation of Web3 talents.
    • NexGenVenture operates as a partnership.
    • As of the available information, the firm has between 2-10 employees.