animoca ventures

Animoca Ventures

Animoca Ventures serves as the venture capital division of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd., a game software enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong. The firm primarily concentrates on investing in and aiding startups and initiatives in the realms of video games, venture capital, and blockchain.

Here are some key points about Animoca Ventures:

  1. Partnership with Ubisoft: Animoca Ventures has partnered with Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab to amplify their web3 initiatives through their flagship membership project called Mocaverse. Mocaverse aims to collaborate, support, and amplify Ubisoft’s web3 initiatives, including the game Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles, a PvP role-playing game where mythical Champions battle each other and discover the legends of Grimoria.
  2. Mocaverse Program: Animoca Ventures is building an interoperable meta experience layer across Animoca Brands’ network of 400+ portfolio companies and extended partner network. The focus of the Mocaverse program is on web3 identity, social, and growth in the areas of culture and entertainment.


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