Intel, Nvidia Sees a Decline in the Demand of Crypto Mining Chips

Intel, Nvidia Sees a Decline in the Demand of Crypto Mining Chips

The crypto market crisis is affecting semiconductor companies like Intel, Nvidia and others as there seems to be a decline in the demand for crypto mining chips.

As the U.S. inflation touched 8.6% in May, prompting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the chip executives, distributors, etc claim the market condition has worsened more than ever.

Nvidia announced it is cutting back on hiring as it gets ready for slowdowns in two of its major areas, crypto mining and video games. Both businesses are in decline, and in the first half of the year, Nvidia’s stock fell by 48 percent.

Intel’s CFO David Zinsner stated in June that Intel would try to adjust expenditure and investments to reflect this reality of a market crisis. Intel temporarily halted hiring in its PC-chip group in addition to taking other cost-cutting steps.

Personal computer shipments are expected to drop 8.2 percent this year to 321.2 million units, according to International Data Corp. However, when the pandemic was at its worst, exports rose by 13% in the first year and by 15% in the second.

Major chip firms including chip manufacturer Micron, CPU specialist Intel, and data center specialist Advanced Micro Devices have seen their earnings projections reduced due to supply chain bottlenecks coming out of China and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

To top this all off, Bank of America analysts stated that downturns in the semiconductor market occur every three to four years, and another one may be just around the corner.

Anyways, none of the major businesses anticipates the semiconductor shortage ending anytime soon, even with some softening in demand. 

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