Instagram Unveils AI-Powered Backdrop Feature for Story Enhancement

Image: MobileSyrup

Instagram has launched a new feature called Backdrop in the United States, leveraging generative AI to transform photo backgrounds.

This tool allows users to replace mundane settings with imaginative scenes. Meta’s generative AI lead, Ahmad Al-Dahle, announced on Threads that users can alter their photo backgrounds with simple prompts.

“With backdrop, you can reimagine your image’s background with just a few taps and a prompt, like ‘chased by dinosaurs’ or ‘surrounded by puppies,’ to create an entirely new image for your story.”


Image: threads.net/@aaldahle

This editing tool provides users with ready-made prompts like “On a red carpet” and allows for custom prompts, enhancing Instagram Stories with creative backdrops.

When users share a Story with a new background, a “Try it” sticker appears, encouraging others to explore the feature.


Image: Instagram

Designed for ease of use, the tool exemplifies Meta’s commitment to boosting user confidence and creativity.

This innovation reflects the wider trend of social platforms rapidly integrating AI into their features, as seen with recent additions to Snapchat.

Exploring Meta’s Future in AI Development

Meta’s strategy increasingly focuses on AI, moving away from its metaverse-centric approach.

Mark Zuckerberg has been investing in the open-source community and rolling out AI features across WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The “Imagine with Meta” AI image generator, a standalone website using EMU technology, is another step in this direction.

Meta also expanded Threads to more European countries, as announced by Zuckerberg. This move, along with the integration of AI-driven features, signals Meta’s ambition for a globally connected, AI-enhanced future.

This vision represents a shift from the metaverse concept, favoring more realistic and engaging user experiences.

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