Injective’s Altcoin Price Rises with Google Cloud Web3 Finance Deal

“Injective’s collaboration with Google Cloud is a game-changer, seamlessly blending Web2 and Web3 technologies. This partnership is a big win for mainstream adoption, elevating both ecosystems and pointing towards a more unified digital future.”

Google Cloud to date has only offered BigQuery datasets for major blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Core blockchain data from Injective is now available on BigQuery, thanks to Google Cloud’s unique Analytics Hub.

Image: Injective

Injective Nexus opens up Injective’s core blockchain data to a wider audience, including developers and enterprises.

Optimised for top-tier Web3 financial apps, Injective’s layer-one blockchain comes with ready-to-use modules that accelerate the development process.

With its impressive speed, clocking sub-second block times for over 300 million transactions, Injective is well-poised to power a variety of existing financial applications.

“This data collaboration is a major step forward for the Injective ecosystem in continuing to expand its footprint into institutions and traditional finance”

said Eric Chen, CEO and co-founder of Injective Labs.

Injective Nexus compiles and centralises all blockchain-based data for smooth integrations.

Developers have the freedom to execute diverse queries using Injective Nexus, from assessing the total number of Injective transactions to calculating the network’s average block time.

Here are some key ways the Injective Nexus dataset can be put to use:

Building fresh Web3 financial apps in a decentralised manner

Utilising blockchain data to enhance artificial intelligence capabilities

Tailoring machine learning frameworks

Employing up-to-date financial figures for enterprise-level trading tactics

Incorporating value-added data to fortify complex smart contracts

Image: Google Cloud

Injective’s recent Illuminate Hackathon, backed by Google Cloud, is just the tip of the iceberg in a collaboration aimed at accelerating startup growth.

The integration of Injective’s data into Google Cloud’s BigQuery marks a strategic move to meet the surging demand for blockchain and DeFi technologies.

This partnership is geared to catalyse innovation in finance, facilitating the creation of revolutionary applications and services on the Injective platform and beyond.

“We are excited to add Injective blockchain datasets to the Analytics Hub catalog to help customers enhance their Web3 finance applications.”

said Kelly Sitarski, Director of Data and Content Partnerships at Google Cloud.

Following this partnership announcement, the INJ altcoin price also increased and differentiated positively from other altcoins.

INJ price increased by 14.18% in the last 24 hours.

Image: Coinbase UTC +8 2:00pm

This partnership is akin to building a superhighway between decentralised blockchain and mainstream cloud computing, opening up unparalleled analytics and AI capabilities.

With Google Cloud’s gravitas and Injective’s innovation, we’re not just looking at the evolution of one platform, but a significant leap towards the mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies.

This collaboration had us eagerly awaiting the future’s unfolding possibilities.

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