Images of Jack Dorsey’s Block, Inc. Crypto Wallet Hits the X

BitKey, a Bitcoin wallet under development by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s firm, Block, Inc., has started shipping its beta product.

Block, Inc. has not officially commented on the current status of BitKey beta shipments.

The company previously announced in June that it would be accepting beta applications throughout the month.

Testers are slated to receive the beta product for free.

Past statements and reports indicate that BitKey is designed with self-custody in mind, providing users with complete control over their cryptocurrency balances.

The product is also expected to include additional features such as fingerprint verification and a built-in rechargeable battery.

Beta applications have now closed, but interested customers can join a waitlist to receive notifications regarding the product’s general public release.

Block, Inc., co-founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, has been actively developing its hardware wallet since at least 2021.

The company’s involvement in the crypto sphere extends beyond hardware wallets.

Block, Inc holds it holds $220 million in Bitcoin.

The company is known to be working on an open mining kit, as well as facilitates Bitcoin buying and selling through its Cash App.

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