IamUkraine Studio Announces Zelenskiy’s NFT Collection to Support Ukraine

IamUkraine Studio Announces Zelenskiy's NFT Collection to Support Ukraine

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Kyiv, Ukraine, 29th April, 2022, Chainwire

IamUkraine studio announces the launch of its NFT collection to lead the way towards a renowned artform to helpUkraine Focused on enhancing the domestic humanitarian landscape, the collection is anticipated to offer support to the having a hard time population.

IamUkraine is happy to reveal its effort to support the Ukrainian trigger with the intro of Zelenskiy’s NFT collection. The business is releasing the critical collection to offer humanitarian support and help to domestic causes inUkraine Recognizing the alarming humanitarian scenario on the ground, the business has actually led the way to offer reliable support to having a hard time residents inUkraine IamUkraine has a history of developing renowned digital art to support worldwide efforts.

More details about the upcoming launch can be discovered at zelenskiynft.com

Talking more about the upcoming launch, Project Director Volodymyr Samoilenko stated, “We desire the world to come together to offer humanitarian support to the Ukrainian bring on by supporting this job. Zelenskiy’s NFT collection is focused around showcasing special art kinds to commemorate the bravery revealed by the Ukrainian individuals and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in current months. The spirit of the leader has actually been a motivation for individuals worldwide. We recognized how impactful it was to reveal worldwide support to the nation, and this is a substantial action in that instructions.”

According to the lead artist Mariya Makarenko, “The job will act as a historic pointer of the worldwide support gotten by Zelenskyy through this unstable duration. The creative instructions is concentrated on representing the bravery and perseverance revealed by the nationwide management through this difficult time. By providing these art pieces to the world, we’re hoping to provide a unifying picture of the world. The representation of the nation’s nationwide identity is a trademark aspect of the job, and we hope to communicate our support through this launch.”

Global experts have actually invited the launch by revealing huge support for the going public. The launch follows through on IamUkraine’s viewpoint to make an effect through meaningful art kinds. The business has actually showcased a disposition to remain company and act as a unifying force. IamUkraine is ending up being the most appealing support job for Ukraine, thanks to the unifying focus of the job. The imaginative job is likewise coupled with an innovative energy to provide a historical worth proposal to clients and fans. In these difficult times, art is becoming a crucial source of strength and support.

Further information about the energy and aspects of the launch can be discovered on the site

About Zelenskiy’s NFT

A collection of 10,000 special Zelenskiy’s NFT was developed to eternalize the historical efforts and nerve showcased by the Ukrainian individuals andPresident Zelensky Purpose- constructed collection to help Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian causes with extensive neighborhood advantages. Unique artform and generative representation to reveal around the world support towardsUkraine Curated to exceed the NFT area and provide an enduring historical insight into the overwhelming nerve of Ukraine.

About IamUkraine

IamUkraine studio is a blockchain effort introduced to offer helpful help to worldwide neighborhoods through digital art. The job combines creative representation with a strong social cause to empower having a hard time neighborhoods and assist them get rid of hardship. The IamUkraine will release the Zelenskiy’s NFT Collection on 12 May 2022.


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