HSBC Singapore Launches Blockchain-based Payment Platform

HSBC Singapore has taken a significant stride in modernizing payment processes within the real estate sector by launching a pilot program for an automated blockchain-based payment platform. This initiative, conducted in partnership with Property Enterprises Development, a prominent player in property development, signifies a promising shift towards efficiency and transparency in real estate transactions.

At the core of this innovative platform is HSBC’s proprietary blockchain technology, which streamlines workflow tracking processes and enables automated payment disbursements. The primary goals are to boost operational efficiency, enhance governance, and promote transparency, ultimately reducing the time required for project completion.

Lewis Sun, Global Head of Domestic and Emerging Payments at HSBC’s Global Payments Solutions, expressed the bank’s excitement about utilizing its patented technology to support faster and automated payment processing through off-chain banking rails. This approach also addresses the risks associated with on-chain financial transactions, ensuring a secure and efficient payment ecosystem.


Winnie Yap, Head of Global Payments Solutions at HSBC Singapore, emphasized the timely nature of this pilot program in Singapore’s shifting payment landscape. The country is gradually moving away from traditional cheque payments, making programmable payments a vital addition to the real estate sector. Furthermore, the technology’s potential extends beyond real estate, with possibilities in other complex infrastructure projects.

Louis Leung, Director of Property Enterprises Development, highlighted the platform’s significance in leveraging technology to establish control and transparency within the real estate ecosystem. These elements play a crucial role in strengthening relationships, increasing efficiency, and mitigating risks, reshaping how real estate transactions are conducted.

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