Hong Kong Welcomes Crypto ETF Proposals

Hong Kong regulatory authorities are contemplating the inclusion of individual investors in spot Crypto ETFs as part of strategic initiatives to solidify the city’s position as the primary digital asset hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Julia Leung, the Chief Executive Officer of the Securities and Futures Commission, revealed that the city is considering allowing ordinary investors to use spot ETFs. However, she emphasised the importance of adhering strictly to regulatory criteria, making regulatory considerations the primary concern before including retail investors and implementing any subsequent changes.

“We’re happy to give it a try as long as new risks are addressed. Our approach is consistent regardless of the asset,” said Leung, highlighting a willingness to embrace innovative technology while prioritising risk management.

In recent weeks, there has been a notable surge in demand for spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The impending introduction of the first-ever spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States, with expectations of arrival within the next month or two, indicates increasing acknowledgment and acceptance of cryptocurrency-based investment vehicles within mainstream circles.

The enthusiasm for crypto ETFs is seen as a significant factor contributing to the 110% increase in the value of Bitcoin this year. Notably, the anticipation revolves around major market players, such as BlackRock, potentially receiving permission to introduce the first spot ETFs for Bitcoin in the U.S.


As part of Hong Kong’s goal to reestablish itself as a leading financial centre, the city implemented specialised regulations for virtual assets in June. These regulations aim to attract businesses while emphasising investor protection. The move was prompted by a reported $204 million fraud at the unlicensed JPEX cryptocurrency exchange, highlighting the necessity for robust regulatory measures.

“The incident underscores the requirement for a robust, comprehensive regulatory framework,” Leung emphasised. The Securities and Futures Commission has initiated measures to enhance transparency in evaluating applications for licences to operate digital asset exchanges.

Hong Kong, known as one of Asia’s financial hubs, continues to take a progressive approach to crypto regulation. Despite setbacks, such as the JPEX scandal, the city remains active in shaping itself as a crypto-friendly region. Recent initiatives include a licensing framework for crypto exchanges, financial support for web3 development, and regulatory mandates urging banks to provide equitable treatment to crypto clients.

The consideration of allowing retail investors access to spot crypto ETFs signifies a potential shift in the commission’s earlier stance, aligning with Hong Kong’s evolving pro-crypto regulatory landscape. The Securities and Futures Commission’s openness to innovation and commitment to risk management indicate a strategic approach to integrating digital assets into mainstream financial markets.

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