Historical Malaysian School Adopting Blockchain-Powered Certificates with Crypken

Penang Free School’s Blockchain Partnership

Penang Free School (PFS), Southeast Asia’s oldest English-medium school, is taking a bold leap into the future of education through a strategic alliance with Crypken Sdn Bhd, a Web3 company. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for the Malaysian education sector, introducing blockchain-powered certificates for students—a move towards enhanced security, transparency, and a student-centric credentialing system.

PFS Adopts Crypken’s Signature

PFS is breaking new ground by becoming the first educational institution in Malaysia to integrate Crypken’s Signature, a blockchain-powered certificate issuance platform. This initiative ensures that students not only receive traditional hard copies of their certificates but also gain access to tamper-proof digital credentials, revolutionising the way qualifications are verified.

Beyond Traditional Certificates

Blockchain-powered certificates bring added benefits, enabling students to effortlessly share their credentials with employers, universities, and other stakeholders with just a click. This streamlined verification process simplifies interactions between students and institutions, fostering a seamless transition into the professional and academic spheres.

Syed Sultan on the Innovative Approach


Devadas Ravinathan, CEO of Crypken (left) and Syed Sultan, Principal of Penang Free School (right). (Image Source: Digital News Asia)

Principal Syed Sultan expresses enthusiasm about the groundbreaking venture, stating, “Our partnership with Crypken empowers our students with the secure and verifiable credentials they need to succeed in today’s dynamic world.” This strategic move aligns with PFS’s commitment to providing a future-proof education, preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Transforming Education Through Blockchain

Devadas Ravinathan, CEO of Crypken, emphasises the transformative potential of blockchain technology in education. “We firmly believe that blockchain technology holds the key to transforming the education sector,” he asserts, expressing pride in standing alongside PFS in their commitment to providing secure, transparent, and verifiable credentials.

Setting the Standard for Secure Education

The collaboration between PFS and Crypken sets a precedent for educational institutions, emphasising the commitment to empowering students with secure, dynamic, and globally recognised credentials. By embracing blockchain technology, PFS pioneers a more secure, transparent, and technologically advanced education landscape.

A Pioneering Step Towards Educational Transparency

The partnership between PFS and Crypken signifies a groundbreaking step towards a transparent and technologically advanced education system. This collaboration not only ensures the security of academic credentials but also aligns with the evolving needs of students in a rapidly changing world. The adoption of blockchain technology in education, as demonstrated by PFS, showcases the potential for a more secure and globally recognized credentialing system.

About Crypken

Crypken, established in 2022 and based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, specialises in metaverse-driven virtual store solutions. This innovative platform caters to brands and businesses in the high-tech and retail sectors, offering opportunities to create and manage virtual stores using Metaverse, web3, and blockchain technology. Co-founded by Gopinath Mahendran and Hari Krishnan Mani, Crypken empowers companies and celebrities to establish their metaverse stores and sell products and services within this cutting-edge digital landscape.

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