High Community Activity but Severe Lack of Scale

Coinlive previously reported on how the AI concept project bitsCrunch will be listed on Coinlist on the 15th of this month.

This has sparked intense community discussions, which led us to dig a little deeper into the project and what it is all about.

Let’s take a closer look at bitCrunch.

According to Certik’s Skynet Ranking, bitsCrunch ranks 38th in the field of artificial intelligence and 8th among AI projects not yet listed on exchanges.

Certik’s audit reveals that the project’s overall score is 81.63, classifying it as an A-grade project.

Evaluation dimensions include fundamentals, code security, operational resilience, and community trust.

Most prominent is perhaps the 95.35% community trust, indicating extremely high community consensus.

For a project about to be listed, this is undoubtedly an exciting statistic.

Since December 1st, bitsCrunch’s official Twitter has gained an average of around 800 new followers per day.

Simultaneously, activity in the official Telegram Group has increased.

Despite commendable growth and activity among community members, bitsCrunch’s official Telegram Group has only 6,000 users, and the official Twitter account has only 36K followers.

This scale is relatively small and undoubtedly requires further improvement.

Generally, Telegram activity typically more accurately reflects a project’s community sentiment.

However, bitsCrunch’s Telegram community consists of only 6,000 people, indicating a relatively small scale.

Launching in a situation with community sentiment before listing typically poses significant risks; investors must exercise caution.

There are still 10 days until the trading goes live.

There’s much to look forward to, especially since the bitsCrunch team current trajectory indicates rapidly expansion within the coming months.

This will likely create a more favorable condition for listing on Coinlist.

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