Hello Kitty’s 50th Anniversary: Metaverse Adventures and More

Hello Kitty, the beloved character from Sanrio Co., Ltd., is gearing up for its 50th anniversary in 2024, and the celebration is set to begin from November 1, 2023. The festivities will continue throughout the year, marked as the “50th Anniversary Year,” and will revolve around the theme of “Friend the Future. Let’s be friends with the future.”

To mark the occasion, Hello Kitty is embarking on various exciting ventures. One of the highlights is the launch of an Augmented Reality (AR) project, starting in Shibuya, Tokyo, and subsequently visiting five international cities: London, Paris, Taiwan, and New York. This AR experience allows users to interact with Hello Kitty in different city-themed costumes, creating memorable moments.

Source: Sanrio Times

Hello Kitty is also stepping into the digital realm, with a new TikTok account established as part of the 50th-anniversary celebrations. In addition, Hello Kitty is venturing into the Metaverse platforms ROBLOX and ZEPETO, introducing fans to innovative and interactive experiences.

As part of the “Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary National Tour,” Kitty will travel across Japan to visit 100 Sanrio shops, both in-person and online, spreading joy and saying “Hello” to fans. The anniversary festivities kick off today at Sanrio Puroland in Tama City, Tokyo, and Harmony Land in Oita Prefecture.

In her own words, Hello Kitty expresses her excitement for the special year, saying, “Kitty goes to play on TikTok, Roblox, and ZEPETO! With you, who has always been my friend, everyone I will meet new from now on. Kitty would be so happy if we could become friends! Please look forward to Kitty’s anniversary year.”

The Hello Kitty AR project is a notable feature of the celebration, allowing users to interact with Hello Kitty in augmented reality at iconic landmarks in five countries. By downloading the app and scanning landmarks with their smartphones, users can enjoy seeing Hello Kitty in city-themed costumes and capture these delightful moments in photos and videos. The AR experience kicks off in Tokyo and subsequently visits London, Paris, Taiwan, and New York.

For those unable to visit these cities in person, a TikTok filter with Kitty performing the same dance as in the AR project will be available for users worldwide in November.

A filter showcases Kitty dancing on a bed of flowers while grooving to the familiar tune of Kitty’s Popcorn song. (Source: PR TIMES)

Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary has also ushered in a new TikTok account, offering a range of videos, including short animations featuring the beloved character’s cute illustrations. An Instagram account has been opened to share information about Hello Kitty’s products, events, and charming illustrations.

In the world of gaming, Hello Kitty-themed items and emotes are now available on the popular online gaming platform ROBLOX.

Source: Sanrio Times

This collaboration features Y2K-inspired Hello Kitty high school girl-style avatar items and emotes. Additionally, Kitty enthusiasts can look forward to the “Mystery Museum” game, set to launch in mid-December, where they can enjoy an exciting game of tag while exploring Hello Kitty-related exhibits. A dance floor offering Hello Kitty dance experiences similar to the AR app and TikTok effects is planned for release in February 2024.

Sanrio is expanding its presence in the Metaverse through ZEPETO, with the launch of a “Hello Kitty Boutique” and several themed zones for fans to explore and engage with Kitty.

Source: Sanrio Times

In addition, Kitty is undertaking a “nationwide tour” to visit 100 Sanrio shops across Japan, allowing fans to meet the character in person.

The 50th-anniversary celebrations also bring new costumes for Hello Kitty, with a rose motif. These costumes feature a variety of designs reflecting Kitty’s timeless style and her journey from 1974 to the present. A special edition Hello Kitty emoji is available for users who engage with designated hashtags on X, offering a fun way to interact with the character on social media.

Sanrio is taking its celebrations global, with events in Shanghai, China, featuring a video exhibition showcasing the new appeal of Hello Kitty. Seoul, South Korea, will host a pop-up store selling limited edition 50th-anniversary merchandise, and three Sanrio character cafes in Seoul will hold a Hello Kitty birthday event, complete with a stamp rally project and novelty gifts.

For more information about Hello Kitty’s 50th anniversary celebrations, you can visit the official Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Site at https://hellokitty50th.sanrio.co.jp.

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