Google’s New Crypto Ad Policy: What You Need to Know

Global Guidelines for Crypto Coin Trust Ads

All accounts promoting Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts must follow Google’s guidelines, irrespective of their location.

January 2024: Anticipated Google Policy Update

In January 2024, Google is set to revamp its policy for crypto ad products, offering clearer insights into the requirements and scope of such advertisements.

Advertising Crypto Coin Trusts in the U.S.

Commencing January 29, 2024, cryptocurrency coin trusts or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can be promoted to U.S. users if they align with Google’s rules. The scope encompasses trusts managing diverse crypto portfolios, providing investors exposure to the digital asset market.

Certified Advertisers: A Stringent Evaluation

Advertisers must undergo a meticulous evaluation to certify their Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts, ensuring compliance with Google’s standards. A positive checkmark icon signifies successful completion of Google’s certification, maintaining the quality and legitimacy of promoted financial products.

Global Applicability of the Policy

While initially focused on the U.S., this policy extends globally, underlining Google’s commitment to a consistent and secure advertising environment worldwide.

Adherence to Local Laws

Beyond Google’s criteria, advertisers must also comply with local laws in their targeted regions, emphasising the need to understand and adhere to diverse regulatory frameworks.

Fair Approach to Violations

In case of policy violations, Google adopts a fair and transparent approach. Violations of the Cryptocurrency Coin Trust advertising policy won’t result in immediate account suspension. Advertisers receive a warning at least 7 days before potential account suspension, allowing rectification and policy compliance.

Google’s Evolving Stance on Crypto Ads

This policy update signals a significant change in Google’s approach to crypto-related advertisements. From a comprehensive ban in 2018, the company has gradually relaxed restrictions, now extending support to NFT gaming ads with specific conditions.

NFT Gaming Ads and Google’s Conditions

Google’s September 2024 plan to allow NFT gaming ads emphasises the evolving landscape. However, ads must not encourage gambling or related services, focusing on games enabling in-game item purchases.

Contributing to Crypto Industry Stability

As the crypto market matures, these proactive measures by Google contribute to industry stability. Advertisers, consumers, and regulators will closely monitor how these changes shape the future of crypto advertising on the Google platform.

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