Google Files Lawsuit Against Scammers for Fabricating Fake Bard AI Chatbot

Google, the technology company, files a lawsuit against anonymous scammers using its trademarks to create fake ads, targeting updates to the AI chatbot Bard.

On Monday, Google announced its initiation of legal proceedings against two groups of scammers.

The company’s General Counsel, Halimah Prado said:

“The first sought to exploit public enthusiasm for generative AI to spread malware. The second weaponised the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to harm their business competitors by submitting thousands of blatantly fraudulent copyright notices,”

The lawsuit, filed on 13 November, alleges the scammers have misused Google trademarks to entice victims into downloading malware.

Deceptive social media pages imitating Google products are used, inviting users to download free versions of Bard and other AI products.

Users unknowingly download malware by following these deceptive links, designed to access and exploit social media login credentials, primarily targeting businesses and advertisers.

Legal Demands Sought by Google

Google seeks damages, attorneys’ fees, injunctive relief, scammers’ profits, a comprehensive restraining order, and any other just and equitable remedies deemed by the court.


This legal action aligns with the surge in popularity of AI services, including chatbots.

Google’s Bard bot alone attracts 49.7 million unique visitors monthly, reflecting the global increase in AI usage.

Screenshot taken from Google Bard Statistics

The lawsuit unfolds amidst a broader trend, with OpenAI’s ChatGPT service boasting over 100 million monthly users and facing similar legal challenges.

Legal Trends in the AI Industry

Google’s legal action is part of a wider trend of legal battles in the AI industry.

Tech giants like Google, OpenAI, and Meta (Facebook and Instagram’s parent company) have all faced legal challenges in the past year.

The increasing accessibility and popularity of AI services have led to heightened legal scrutiny.

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