Google and Malaysia Forge Inclusive Digital Growth Partnership

The Malaysian government and tech giant Google announce a strategic collaboration to nurture inclusive growth within Malaysia’s burgeoning digital economy.

This initiative, aligned with the Madani Economy Framework and the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030), focuses on skilling programs, digital infrastructure investments, responsible AI innovation, and cloud-first policies.

This collaboration signifies a step towards advancing the nation’s digital competitiveness.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim highlights Google’s commitment to accelerating local innovation and talent development:

“This latest commitment by Google which is aimed at accelerating local innovation and talent development in the field of AI, will certainly boost the nation’s digital competitiveness, in line with the Madani economy framework and the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIMP 2030),”

Skilling 300,000 Malaysians by 2026

Under the Go Cloud program, Google Cloud, CloudMile, and Trainocate will provide digital training for 300,000 Malaysians by 2026.

Investment, Trade and Industry Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz said:

“Accessible through the Go Cloud program — which aims to upskill 300,000 Malaysians by 2026 — the learning paths consist of online courses to help individuals better apply generative AI (gen AI), data analytics and cloud-based productivity tools.”

Google has stated that this initiative is an extension of Gemilang, a digital training program that, in collaboration with educational institutions and nonprofits, has awarded 31,000 Google Career Certificate scholarshis to individuals facing financial challenges.

Google added:

“This helps Malaysians earn professional certifications – at no cost – for entry-level jobs in high-demand fields such as data analytics, IT support as well as e-commerce and digital marketing.”

The collaboration will also introduce joint AI launchpad initiatives, creating job opportunities, enhancing public service delivery, and assisting local companies in global markets.

Google’s support extends to refining Malaysia’s Cloud First Policy and implementing its Secure AI Framework.

The government’s commitment to prioritising cloud services, overshadowing traditional on-premise systems, reflects a resolute pursuit of resilience, cost efficiency, and innovation.

Malaysia aligns with global best practices in data privacy and security, asserting its presence at the forefront of technological advancements.

Empowering Change Through AI-Driven Collaboration

As Google and the Malaysian government embark on this journey, the partnership’s impact on Malaysia’s digital landscape, the lives of 300,000 Malaysians through skilling initiatives, and the ripple effects on job creation remain to be fully unveiled.

This collaboration is poised to be a driving force in shaping Malaysia’s digital future.

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