Gnosis Safe Proposes Distribution of 50 Million SAFE Tokens

Gnosis Safe Proposes Distribution of 50Million SAFE Tokens

After being spun off from Gnosis, the Safe group is now confronted with the proposed distribution of 50 million SAFE tokens. (*50*) will end result within the profitable launch of its unbiased SafeDAO to control the Gnosis Safe ecosystem.

Gnosis Safe’s multi-signature pockets is powered by good contracts. To execute transactions, a multi-signature or multisig pockets requires the signatures of multiple particular person.

According to the present proposal, the targets of the reward airdrop embody decentralizing SAFE governance, rewarding energetic customers with extra tokens than much less energetic customers, elevating consciousness of Safe and SafeDAO, and making it a community-driven mission.

Safe made obtainable a spreadsheet containing over 45,000 eligible Ethereum addresses. Safe customers who created their deal with earlier than the February 9, 2022, proposal to launch the SafeDAO are eligible for the airdrop.

(*50*) is the deadline as a result of, on today, the spin-off proposal was moved to part 2 of the GnosisDAO governance course of so as to “prevent users from gaming the allocation and rather reward real users instead of airdrop hunters.”

“[The February proposal] introduced plans of launching a SAFE token. 5% of the overall provide is allotted to reward customers for his or her previous contributions and utilization. Of these 5%, half might be obtainable instantly and the remaining half might be vesting linearly over 4 years.

Last month, the digital asset administration platform Gnosis rebranded as Safe and secured a $100 million funding spherical led by 1kx.

Users can use Gnosis Safe to securely retailer Ethereum and ERC20 tokens and work together with dApps. The whole quantity of ETH saved in Gnosis Safe contracts is almost 1.6 million, which is the start line for calculating the worth saved per Safe.

According to the Safe proposal, the SafeDAO will ship at the very least 400 SAFE tokens to 21,935 addresses. Initially, Safe governance will happen on the Ethereum mainnet.

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