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Equilibrium Overview

An all-in-one DeFi platform with high take advantage of

Equilibrium makes use of ingenious monetary engineering integrated in positioning with the Polkadot blockchain platform. Some of these developments are currently the very best practice in standard financing; however here they are carried out in DeFi for the very first time, mainly due to technical constraints in heterogeneous blockchains.


DeFi 1.0 experiences infrastructural difficulties

Most loaning procedures need heavy over-collateralization. The cushion is required to soak up possible cost slippage throughout auctions to liquidate security of unsuccessful loans. Due to the absence of smooth cross-chain transfers in significant DeFi procedures, a huge part of the community stays underutilized.


Equilibrium integrates a full-fledged cross-chain cash market and an orderbook DEX with margin trading. Both items match each other, streamlining user experience and sharing the very same liquidity swimming pools for financing. It develops a synergetic impact and improves liquidity depth.

Built on Polkadot, Equilibrium is naturally cross-chain interoperable with significant blockchains consisting of Ethereum andBitcoin Interoperability assists in worth transfers and long-lasting liquidity increase from other communities.

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EQ token fuels Equilibrium parachain

We are presenting a brand-new innovative native property that deals with any blockchain bridged with Polkadot.

Key functions

Governance token

EQ holders are qualified to choose Substrate validators and have a say in system modifications

Bailout liquidity

Liquidity service providers can make yield on protecting loans in the system by locking EQ in Equilibrium’s liquidity swimming pool

Platform currency

Users pay deal charges for operations on Equilibrium’s Substrate and item charges in EQ

Staking chances

EQ holders get benefits on their tokens staked to Equilibrium’s governance  


Initial allowance of EQ will amount to 12B tokens:

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5 reasons Equilibrium will transform DeFi

1. Cross- chain compatibility to unlock complete DeFi capacity

2. Low security and margin requirements 

3. Maximum liquidity– resolving DeFi’s persistent liquidity concerns

4. Combine a cash market and DEX with margin trading

5. Built by DeFi veterans– tested performance history of success


$ 8M + 250k DOT raised to date

Previous financial investment rounds:

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Equilibrium is led by a worldwide group of monetary and software application engineers who are enthusiastic about establishing much better, more total digital property markets.

We unite a wealth of finest practices from our experience in leading business.

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Advisory board

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