Gaming Studio Square Enix Enters NFT Space

In a groundbreaking move, Square Enix has unveiled SYMBIOGENESIS, its global digital art project merging gaming with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The gaming giant has initiated the Chapter 1 allowlist entry campaign, inviting fans to mint exclusive digital collectibles for free.

To participate, fans must join the official SYMBIOGENESIS Discord server, engaging in activities to earn a spot on the allowlist before the campaign concludes on November 21, 2023. The campaign employs a point-based system, determining eligibility for minting one of the 500 intricately designed characters. These characters, playing roles or revealing story elements, are exclusively available through the allowlist.

Square Enix’s strategy aims to deepen fan engagement through performance-based activities on Discord, including point-earning activities and treasure hunts rewarding digital relics convertible into campaign points.

The minting process consists of three phases. The “Stakeholder” phase grants early access to those closely involved with SYMBIOGENESIS. The “Priority for Top-Ranking Player” phase allows top-scoring players and randomly selected participants to mint characters without cost. The final phase opens to all campaign entrants, allowing unlimited characters per wallet.

SYMBIOGENESIS is set to debut in December 2023, supporting the Ethereum and Polygon chains and accessible through Google Chrome and MetaMask wallets, catering to both English and Japanese audiences.

This move reflects Square Enix’s innovative approach, expanding beyond its renowned franchises like FINAL FANTASY® and DRAGON QUEST®. The company has strategically invested in blockchain entertainment, as announced by its president, Yosuke Matsuda, in early 2023. The positive reception to NFT and digital asset ventures in 2022 has fueled Square Enix’s commitment to blockchain entertainment.


The decision aligns with industry trends, as rising net sales from mobile and PC games indicate a strong interest in digital entertainment. Square Enix aims to enhance its digital sales portfolio through blockchain and NFTs, leveraging the success of its digital initiatives.

As part of its blockchain expansion, Square Enix plans to establish an overseas subsidiary focusing on token issuance and management, game publishing in crypto-forward countries, a Corporate Venture Capital division, NFT-exclusive products, a dedicated NFT brand, and new IPs rooted in blockchain technology. These exploratory steps form a crucial part of Square Enix’s medium-term business strategy.

Square Enix has announced the launch of a “Chapter 1” allowlist campaign for its upcoming NFT game, Symbiogenesis. Running on the Ethereum and Polygon networks, the game will not have a public mint. Instead, character NFTs will be rewards for fans participating in the official Discord server over a two-week period, ending on November 21.

Discord users can earn points through games and quizzes on the project’s Discord server, enhancing their chances to mint unique digital collectibles from Symbiogenesis.

The 500 character NFTs will be launched in three phases, offering different allowlist slots. While some NFTs can potentially be minted for free, if multiple players wish to mint the same character, those NFTs will be auctioned based on demand for Symbiogenesis character collectibles.

Announced in November 2022, Symbiogenesis is Square Enix’s first NFT game in the Ethereum ecosystem, offering a unique digital collectible art project with an interactive narrative experience around character NFTs and other collectibles. The game is set to launch in December, further solidifying Square Enix’s presence in the evolving landscape of blockchain and NFTs.

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