Fusionist Latest Updates – OKX Jumpstart Launch , Tier List, And More

OKX Jumpstart has added a new token to its portofolio, Fusionist (ACE).

The platform will initiate mining activities from 14:00 on December 13, 2023.

Endurance ♠️⛓ (@fusionistio) December 7, 2023

Both BTC and OKB holders can participate, staking their tokens to earn ACE rewards.

However, this Jumpstart initiative is exclusively available to East Asian countries, with the exception of mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, and Japan.

Participation requires successful KYC verification.

What is Fusionist?

Fusionist is a Web3 game that is built with three interconnected game modes.

The game is also listed on Steam.

This encompasses base building, turn-based strategic battles, and 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate).

The ongoing beta test introduces a 5v5 PvP battle mode.

While the game system remains consistent with the previous beta test, this iteration allows players to freely assemble a team of five mechs from their inventory for PvP battles.

Successful PvP battles yield 100 materials, while losses still result in obtaining 70 materials.

Endurance ♠️⛓ (@fusionistio) November 25, 2023

See: Fusionist Gameplay

Spending 200 materials allows players to engage in a gacha draw for acquiring new mechs, and will help players achieve (eventually) stronger team compositions (limited to 10 battles per day).

Achieving high rankings or receiving favorable gacha results can earn participants ACE tokens and NFTs, enhancing the competitive spirit among players.

The rarity of mechs—Elite, Epic, Legend, and Mythic—determines their stats, with higher rarity correlating to enhanced performance.

Mech types include the close-range Striker, tank-like Keystone, long-range high firepower Buster, and the newly introduced Sniper-type BullsEye.

Behind The Scenes

Backend-driven computation, employing KCP and flatbuffer protocols, ensures fairness and minimises cheating.

The Unity WebGL client ensures compatibility with both PC and mobile platforms, broadening its user accessibility.

A pivotal feature of Fusionist is the Endurance blockchain, utilising ACE as its exclusive token.

This EVM-compatible blockchain prioritises scalability, security, and transparency, with a specific focus on gaming and social applications.

The broader Endurance ecosystem encompasses wallet services, game publishers, blockchain technology, and developers, contributing to the creation of a robust and highly promising ecosystem.

Fusionist Tier List

Spending materials, after all, will eventually stack up.

It’s important to make sure that you spend the limited materials carefully.

Given that the game is still in its beta, players of the game are still consolidating its tier list.

We will provide a tier list once its available.

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