THENA is a native liquidity layer and Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It offers various features and benefits for users looking to participate in decentralized finance (DeFi) on the BSC.

Here are some key points about THENA:

  1. Native Liquidity Layer: THENA serves as a liquidity layer on the BSC, providing efficient token swaps and liquidity provision for various tokens on the network.
  2. Automated Market Maker (AMM): THENA operates as an AMM, allowing users to trade tokens directly on the platform. It utilizes smart contracts to facilitate decentralized and automated trading.
  3. Yield Farming: Users can participate in yield farming on THENA by staking their tokens and earning $THE rewards. Yield farming involves providing liquidity to the platform and earning additional tokens as rewards.
  4. Leveraged Farming: THENA offers leveraged farming, which allows users to amplify their potential returns by borrowing against their existing assets. This feature enables users to maximize their yield farming strategies.
  5. Security Measures: THENA implements client-side verification, which enhances security by allowing users to verify transactions and interact with the platform directly from their own devices. This reduces the risk of malicious attacks and ensures a more secure user experience.





Round: Strategic
Amount raised: $600,000
Date: December, 2023

Funding round investors: