Flutterwave Bolsters Leadership with Top Talent from Major Financial Firms

Flutterwave, an African fintech leader, has recently strengthened its executive team by welcoming six new members.

Backgrounds of the Newly Appointed Leaders

These recruits hail from esteemed financial companies like Binance.US, Cash App, PayPal, and Western Union.

This move follows the departure of three key finance executives in November. CEO Gbenga Agboola highlights the strategic importance of these appointments for Flutterwave’s growth.

Flutterwave Bolsters Leadership with Top Talent from Major Financial Firms

Image: Daily Post Nigeria

The new recruits bring over a century of collective experience in finance. Amaresh Mohan, the newly appointed Risk Officer, boasts a notable career with Citibank, Bank of America, Stripe, and PayPal.

Steven Huynh, as VP of Global Expansion & Payment Partnerships, joins with vast experience from Binance.US and Wyre.

Stephen Cheng steps in as Executive Vice President of Global Expansion and Payment Partnerships.

Amanda Ortega, former regulator with Wyoming’s Division of Banking, is now Head of Compliance, US.

Chris David from Cash App takes up the role of VP of Compliance & Risk Operations.

Adewale Ayantoye, previously with Etsy and the only Nigerian among the new executives, becomes VP of Risk Management.

Flutterwave’s International Aspirations and Fiscal Approach

Flutterwave’s history of strategic hires indicates its global ambitions. In 2021, they recruited Jimmy Ku, a co-founder of five startups, as Head of US Growth.

These appointments align with Flutterwave’s recent acquisition of money transfer licenses across 13 US states.

However, these high-profile hires come at a time when competitors are implementing cost-cutting measures. Paystack, for instance, recently laid off 33 employees.


Image: TechCrunch

Despite potential financial implications, this move showcases Flutterwave’s commitment to becoming a globally recognised African company. It also reflects the company’s aim to balance ambitious growth with financial sustainability.

In essence, Flutterwave’s latest executive team expansion marks a crucial phase in its global strategy. The expertise of these new leaders is expected to be pivotal in navigating the global fintech landscape.

Yet, the financial aspects of such high-profile recruitments remain an important consideration in the company’s scaling journey in a competitive fintech market.

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