Ferrari’s Lead Designer Presents NFT Memorial for Loved One

Alessandro Fiori, the Lead Designer at Ferrari, has recently unveiled a notable non-fungible token (NFT).

This unique piece is exclusively released through, a fine art platform operating on Solana, which has recently expanded to facilitate Ethereum transactions as well.

Alessandro, who releases his digital artworks under the pseudonym “Mr Uramaki”, has created a work titled ‘After All This Time’ in heartfelt tribute to a cherished individual who is no longer with us.

He explains what ‘After All This Time’ means to him:

“As a designer, I’ve always believed that every creation has a story to tell. ‘After All This Time’ is my way of encapsulating the essence of my personal and professional journey into a single piece of art, and I am thrilled to share it with the world.”

From a young age, his passion for the arts set him on a distinct path, despite familial expectations leaning towards a career in medicine.

Following his secondary education, he relocated to a new city to pursue his studies in Industrial Design with a specialisation in automotive design.

However, it was a unique encounter that breathed new life into his artistic endeavours.

The catalyst for his creative resurgence was a memorable first date with a special woman, during which he crafted a sentimental sketch on a placemat — a gesture that held profound meaning for her.


Their connection deepened, and over the course of three years, every shared meal became an opportunity for Alessandro to fashion a new piece of art, whether on a napkin or a scrap of paper.

Tragically, she passed away in 2018, causing him to set aside his artistic tools temporarily.

In an effort to commemorate their anniversary and pay homage to her fondness for New York City, Alessandro conceived an exhibition featuring the collection of drawings he had lovingly created for her.

He now believes that the world of Web3 offers the ideal platform to bring this poignant tribute to life.

Prior to joining Ferrari’s design team, Alessandro gained valuable experience at an Italian design studio and worked as a university lecturer.

His current role as a team leader at Ferrari involves overseeing the entire car design process, from initial research through to industrialisation and the eventual presentation of the finished vehicle.

His journey has been one of blurring the boundaries between digital artistry and traditional art, and his forthcoming NFT piece beautifully reflects the amalgamation of these two creative realms in his life.

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