Fee Fiasco Debunked Elon Musk Confirms X Remains Free For All Users

Fee Fiasco Debunked: Elon Musk Confirms X Remains Free For All Users

The recent buzz surrounding the X (formerly known as Twitter) platform has left many users in a state of apprehension, thanks to a flurry of reports hinting at potential user fees being introduced https://www.coinlive.com/news-detail/181061 by its owner, Elon Musk.

Amidst the rising tide of speculation, Elon himself stepped forward to dispel the cloud of uncertainty surrounding the X platform.

The reports that surfaced had sent ripples of concern among platform users, igniting fears of an impending fee structure that could potentially affect all account holders.

These reports had suggested that during a recent livestream with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon had openly contemplated the introduction of a nominal monthly fee for all users.

The rationale behind this change, he explained, was his concern about the growing presence of bots on the platform.

He proposed this fee as a measure to address the issue, positioning it as a “lower-tier” alternative to the existing X premium subscriptions but specific pricing details remained elusive.

However, in a turn of events, Elon has dismissed these claims.

In a post on the X, he refuted the allegations, asserting that there are no plans to introduce fees for all users. This revelation has garnered praise from numerous users and alleviated market concerns.

The X Community Notes, known for their role in providing additional context to posts, have clarified the situation.

According to their insights, Elon’s discussion with the Israeli Prime Minister centred around the concept of “lower-tier pricing” specifically tailored for premium users.

Importantly, these Community Notes have debunked any notion that he intends to charge all X users.

The Community Notes themselves represent a collaborative effort within the X platform, promoting informed discussions and ensuring accuracy in post content.

Their primary goal is to empower users to collectively contribute informative notes, particularly when it comes to posts that might be misleading.

By creating and rating these notes on various topics, contributors collectively work towards creating a more knowledgeable and well-informed environment within the X community.

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