Experts Urge Caution as Rainbow Unleashes ‘Rainbow Points’ to Target MetaMask

Rainbow’s “Rainbow Points” Initiative

Rainbow, a cryptocurrency wallet, made headlines by launching its innovative rewards initiative termed “Rainbow Points.” The system involves allocating points to Ethereum users based on their on-chain activities, including wallet balances and usage of decentralised apps and services.

How “Rainbow Points” Work

The rewards program offers incentives for Ethereum users to engage with Rainbow. Users can accrue points by importing MetaMask wallets, holding Rainbow NFTs, utilising Rainbow for swaps and transfers, and referring friends. These points could potentially lead to a future token airdrop, drawing parallels to similar initiatives like Blur’s rewarding system.

Competition with MetaMask

Rainbow’s move is viewed as a strategic shift, positioning itself as a contender to MetaMask. By enticing MetaMask users with bonus points for importing wallets and utilising specific features, Rainbow aims to challenge MetaMask’s dominant position as the primary gateway to decentralised apps.

β€œImport your Metamask Wallet into Rainbow for up to 150k extra points β€” as long as you used MetaMask’s swap feature in the last year.”

A “Fox Hunt” Against MetaMask

Rainbow’s approach has been likened to a “vampire attack” on MetaMask, cleverly referred to as a “fox hunt.” The platform’s cheeky jabs at MetaMask’s features and lack of rewards program suggest Rainbow’s confidence in offering a superior user experience.


Image Source: X.com @rainbowdotme

Speculation and Response

Speculations abound about the potential conversion of Rainbow Points into a native token, mirroring the success of similar ventures in the crypto space. The initiative has garnered significant attention, attracting over 400,000 wallets to the platform within a day, indicating a successful user acquisition strategy.

Caution Amidst Enthusiasm

While the enthusiasm surrounding Rainbow’s rewards program is evident, experts caution users to exercise prudence. Entrusting private keys or seed phrases to new services, including Rainbow, demands careful consideration due to security implications.

Assessing the Impact

Rainbow’s introduction of “Rainbow Points” has generated considerable interest, particularly in its bid to challenge MetaMask’s dominance. The platform’s tactics and rewards system have ignited discussions and enticed users. However, users should remain cautious while exploring new platforms, prioritising security above rewards.

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