Ex-Kyber Network CEO Launches A New Venture Builder for Crypto Consumer Apps

Former CEO and co-founder of Kyber Network, Loi Luu, recently unveiled Caliber, a Web3 venture builder focused on crafting crypto consumer applications.

The project comes with a mission to assist entrepreneurs in honing their daily strategies and operations over a span of 6-9 months. Caliber provides founders with a dedicated team of financial, legal, and engineering experts and advisors to help them navigate the intricate world of blockchain. The venture boasts an impressive list of backers, including Kyber Ventures, Signum Capital, Old Fashion Research, Parafi Capital, and Pantera.

Loi Luu, known for his involvement with Singapore-based blockchain startup Kyber Network, is now venturing into uncharted territory with the launch of Caliber. This innovative venture builder is set to become a prominent force in the creation of crypto consumer apps and essential blockchain infrastructure. Caliber aims to collaborate with Web3 founders who are dedicated to developing services for the next generation of crypto retail users. The venture commits to supporting these projects not only through their series A rounds but beyond, marking a significant step in the evolution of the blockchain ecosystem.

Caliber takes a unique and hands-on approach to the world of venture building. Their strategy involves close collaboration with founders and active participation in daily operations, spanning a duration of six to nine months. This approach allows them to provide invaluable guidance and support, which is crucial in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the blockchain industry.

One notable addition to the Caliber team is Xinshu Dong, the former founder and CEO of Zilliqa, a prominent Singapore-based blockchain platform. Dong’s expertise and experience make him a valuable asset as a tech partner in the Caliber venture. His presence further underscores the commitment of Caliber to creating robust crypto consumer apps and infrastructure.

Loi Luu’s journey in the blockchain industry has taken an interesting turn. After his tenure as CEO of Kyber Network concluded in January 2022, he assumed the role of chairman within the Kyber Group. This conglomerate includes the Web3 wallet Krystal and the investment arm Kyber Ventures. These strategic moves reflect Luu’s continuous commitment to advancing the blockchain space.

In a world marked by constant innovation, Caliber emerges as a promising venture builder, poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of crypto consumer apps and blockchain infrastructure. With a focus on hands-on support, a team of industry experts, and a visionary tech partner, the project is set to make waves in the Web3 ecosystem.

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