Ethereum Foundation Holds Treasury Worth $1.6 Billion

Ethereum Foundation Holds Treasury Worth $1.6 Billion

The Ethereum Foundation launched the Financial Report 2021 on Monday, which exposed that the foundation has a treasury worth $1.6 billion, out of which $1.3 billion remains inEthereum

The foundation has $300 million in non-crypto financial investments, and another $11 million in other cryptocurrencies.

This is the very first time the foundation has actually released a yearly monetary report as it generally reveals routine grant costs and contributions on its blog site.

As of March 31, 2022, the foundation’s Ethereum holdings therefore, totaled up to almost 0.3% of the whole ETH supply.

Last year, the foundation had an overall costs of $48 million.

Out of which $20 million was invested in external expense, consisting of grants, delegated domain allowances, 3rd party financing, bounties and sponsorships. $28 million was invested in moneying the groups and jobs within the Ethereum neighborhood.

If the funds were to be categorised in a different way, the report declares that $21.8 million was invested for Layer- one research study and advancement, that consists of Ethereum mainnet upgrade and external grants for network tension screening.

Further, neighborhood advancement represented $9.7 million in expenses, while designer platform expenses amounted to $5.9 million, $5.1 million went to internal operations and assistance, while $3.6 million went to used Zero-Knowledge (ZK) research study and advancement.

Layer- 2 research study and advancement consisting of designer tooling and software application advancement packages, represented $1.9 million.

It is even more reported that in addition to the above costs, the foundation assigned $19.6 million in grants through its Ecosystem Support Program.

Speaking of the foundation’s upcoming advancements, its much waited for Ethereum combine which will update its network to a PoS agreement design, now will not be carried out inJune The combine is now hypothesized to be pressed to the 3rd quarter of 2022.

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