Elon Musk and Binance CZ’s ‘Meeting’ with Xi Jinping at APEC Was a Mix-Up? CZ Clears the Air

Chinese President Xi Jinping graced the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit’s American business dinner post-event, attracting a high-profile ensemble. Attendees ranged from U.S. President Joe Biden to tech giants Apple’s Cook and Tesla’s Musk, along with financial heavyweights Dalio and Fink. An industry insider noted, “Almost all top 20 U.S. companies in China were present,” marking a congregation of noteworthy figures.

Reports suggest the dinner’s value soared to $40,000, underscoring its opulence. Amidst dialogue with the U.S. business community, President Xi proposed initiatives such as expanded China-U.S. direct flights, high-level tourism talks, and streamlined visa processes. Foreign media highlighted Xi’s bid to woo American businesses during China’s dwindling foreign investment phase.

In an unexpected turn, a cryptocurrency twist stole the spotlight. Fox News footage, intending to feature Citadel Securities’ CEO Zhao Peng, mistakenly showcased Binance’s Zhao Changpeng (CZ), inciting animated discussions in online crypto circles.

CZ’s witty response to the mix-up added a humorous touch to the incident.

Wrong photo…

The intern probably just did a Google search, and thinks all Asians (especially with similar names) look the same…

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