El Salvador President’s Bitcoin Claims Questioned Amid Tracking Error

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele’s recent assertion on X about the country’s bitcoin investments being “in the black” faces scrutiny as discrepancies in the tracking tool he referenced come to light.

Bukele shared a graph from ‘nayibtracker.com,’ an unofficial website attempting to monitor El Salvador’s bitcoin holdings.

The website explicitly disclaims any affiliation with the Salvadoran government, emphasizing the data’s speculative nature.

A user pointed out the tracker’s error in double-counting Bukele’s daily bitcoin purchases, prompting a correction by the tool’s creator.

This briefly turned Bukele’s portfolio negative before subsequent bitcoin price increases restored it to a positive balance.

The incident raises concerns about Bukele’s reliance on third-party tools for tracking, suggesting potential inaccuracies in reporting.

Moreover, the Salvadoran government has yet to publicly verify its bitcoin portfolio, adding to the uncertainty surrounding the country’s cryptocurrency holdings.

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