Yellow Network - Web3 blockchain products & services ecosystem | Building next-gen DeFi experience for exchanges, brokers & traders.

Yellow Network and CryptoTech Collaborate for Next-Gen DeFi Experience

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Yellow Network is a Web3 blockchain products and services ecosystem that aims to build the next-generation DeFi experience for exchanges, brokers, and traders. They have collaborated with CryptoTech to achieve this goal.

Prize Pool Breakdown:

  • Top 1-10 Refs: Each winner will receive 800 $DUCKIES.
  • Top 11-20 Refs: Each winner will receive 500 $DUCKIES.
  • Random 220: Each winner will receive 100 $DUCKIES.

CryptoTechDAO has shared their excitement about this partnership on Twitter. Check out the tweet below:

To give you a glimpse of their work, the article showcases an image of their combined efforts in the form of a JPEG.