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Discord Server of Orbiter Finance Hacked by Scammers

Discord Server of Orbiter Finance Hacked by Scammers

Orbiter Finance’s Discord server, a decentralized cross-rollup layer-2 bridge, was targeted by bad actors who compromised it and shared a link to a fraudulent airdrop program. This is the latest attack on Orbiter Finance.

CertiK Alert, a reliable blockchain security and analytics platform posted on Twitter on June 1, regarding the hack and members of the community were advised to exercise caution, refrain from clicking any links shared on the platform, and await further updates to avoid any potential risks associated with the hack.

The attackers were prompt to introduce a phony ORB token launch and airdrop event, stating that 5,000,000 ORB tokens would be distributed to members of the Orbiter Finance community.

Orbiter Finance’s team confirmed the hack by posting a tweet on Twitter, assuring its followers that they are working diligently to regain control of the Discord server that was compromised.


The culprit behind this attack is known as Pink Drainer, a scammer who infiltrated the Discord server and executed a fraudulent scheme that resulted in the theft of around $213,000.

This incident has brought to the forefront the vulnerabilities in the security measures of the Orbiter Finance platform. Pink Drainer misused the compromised Discord server to carry out their malicious activities, breaching the trust and financial stability of the community members.

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