DFINITY and SingularityNET Forge Pioneering Partnership for Decentralised AI on ICP Blockchain

DFINITY Foundation and SingularityNET collaborate to advance decentralised AI infrastructure on the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain. The partnership aims to bring the benefits of decentralised AI services to the developer community and humanity at large.

Aligning their grant programs, DFINITY and SingularityNET focus on supporting developers, providing essential resources for the advancement of the decentralised AI ecosystem. The integration of ICP blockchain enhances tamper-proof and transparent AI models within smart contracts.

Joint events, including hackathons and seminars, hosted by DFINITY and SingularityNET at ICP.Hubs worldwide, strengthen community engagement and showcase the collaborative impact on the decentralised AI landscape.

The collaboration addresses the lack of transparency in AI training data by decentralising AI models. SingularityNET CEO, Ben Goertzel, emphasises the importance of making AI systems available in decentralised networks, avoiding control by elite groups.

Dominic Williams, founder of DFINITY Foundation, highlights the urgency of making advanced AI systems rapidly available via decentralised networks. As AI approaches artificial general intelligence (AGI), decentralisation ensures accessibility without exclusive control.

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