Deutsche Post Launches NFT Stamps Featuring AI Art

Deutsche Post, Germany’s national postal service and a subsidiary of the DHL Group, is set to launch Germany’s first official crypto stamp, combining traditional stamp artistry with blockchain technology. The stamp, available for pre-order since mid-October, will be released in both physical and non-fungible token (NFT) formats in November.

The debut stamp, part of the “Historical Buildings” collection, showcases the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The image, generated by artificial intelligence (AI), adopts a pixelated and streamlined style reminiscent of the digital aesthetic. The stamp will have a postage denomination of €1.60 and is priced at €9.90 when purchased with the NFT.

A unique feature of the German crypto stamp is the individual numbering and matrix code on both the physical stamp and its corresponding NFT. This ensures the authenticity and exclusivity of each crypto stamp, providing added value for collectors. The limited edition booklet, including the NFT version, aims to make digital stamp collecting accessible, with a separate conventional stamp available in a limited run of 800,000 pieces.

Deutsche Post has selected the Polygon blockchain as the foundation for its crypto stamp NFTs.

Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism aligns with Deutsche Post’s commitment to sustainability, emphasising reduced environmental impact. The choice of Polygon reflects the growing trend of integrating blockchain technology into traditional sectors.

The introduction of crypto stamps signifies a transformative shift in stamp collecting, combining tangible and digital assets. Deutsche Post’s initiative embraces the rising popularity of collecting digital assets, particularly non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which have revolutionised the perception and interaction with digital art and collectibles.

As the demand for digital collectibles continues to rise, the crypto stamp serves as a bridge between historical stamp traditions and the possibilities of Web3. By tokenizing physical stamps as NFTs, Deutsche Post preserves the essence of traditional collecting while adapting to the evolving landscape of digital ownership and cultural appreciation.

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