Dentsu Group and TOPPAN Holdings Unite for Web3.0 Wallets & Photorealistic Avatars

From December 11, 2023, TOPPAN Holdings, Inc. and Dentsu Group, Inc. are teaming up with ODK Solutions, Inc., Sony Corporation, and several other entities to introduce a groundbreaking innovation – the Web3.0 Wallet. This digital asset storage solution incorporates photorealistic avatars to revolutionise user interaction.

Avatar-Enabled Interactive UI

The primary focus lies in employing photorealistic avatars within the wallet's interface, mimicking users' appearances and speaking styles. These avatars will facilitate an interactive user experience while automatically extracting incentives based on the NFT holding status. The guidance on utilising these incentives will be conveyed to users through natural language dialogues.


Visual representation of Web3.0 wallet integrating photorealistic avatar as UI (Image Source: newprinet.co.jp)

Pioneering Humanistic Digital Interaction

This collaboration marks a significant leap by imbuing the wallet, typically an inorganic digital storage function, with a human-like physicality. It aims to enable information exchange using an interactive UI, a global first in this domain.

The Technological Underpinning

The foundation of this initiative rests upon NFT technology's ability to digitise personal interests and identity information akin to cookies. It empowers individuals to own and utilise their personal information, aligning with the emerging demand for Web 3.0 wallets. Decentralised personal information management technology liberates companies from internal data management burdens, fostering consumer consent and privacy protection while promoting marketing activities.

Challenges and Solutions

Web3.0 wallets consolidate a vast array of consumer daily activities as NFTs, creating an information overload. Consequently, navigating and acquiring beneficial incentives poses a challenge. To tackle this, the Dentsu Group and TOPPAN Holdings plan to extend the "ApdemyⓇ" demonstration experiment to enhance Web3.0 wallet convenience. Leveraging their expertise in photoreal avatars and UI technology, they aim to alleviate the effort required in selecting and accessing incentives by introducing avatars as 'life companions.' These avatars will comprehend NFT holdings and aid in exercising incentive rights as needed.

Future Endeavours

Looking ahead, TOPPAN Holdings and Dentsu Group are committed to collaborating with research entities to establish blockchain deployment standards based on experiment outcomes. Their plan encompasses disseminating use case proposals and verification results across diverse platforms.

Fostering Innovation through Humanistic Digital Interactions

The partnership between TOPPAN Holdings, Dentsu Group, and others not only signifies a technological milestone but also heralds a shift towards personalised, user-centric digital experiences. The potential and technological advancements in avatar-enabled UIs pave the way for a transformative market landscape, promising more intuitive and engaging interactions in the Web3.0 realm.

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