Dairy Queen Transforms Chengdu Outlet into Ghost Ski Resort in NFT Collaboration with Weirdo Ghost Gang

Dairy Queen, the American fast-food giant, has teamed up with NFT project Weirdo Ghost Gang for a unique pop-up experience in Chengdu, China.

The collaboration brings NFTs into the physical realm, transforming the Dairy Queen outlet on Chunxi Road into a “ghost ski resort.”

This unexpected venture challenges conventional expectations, as the immersive experience takes centre stage for visitors until December 31.

The pop-up not only offers a visual spectacle but also introduces exclusive co-branded merchandise.

Dairy Queen enthusiasts can explore winter fashion with a specially designed beanie and a canvas bag, each promising to enhance the winter outing experience.

Furthermore, dessert lovers at Dairy Queen locations in Chengdu and Shanghai can indulge in a limited-edition “ski ghost mixing bowl”—an innovative ice cream sundae resembling a ski slope, complete with enticing toppings.

Beyond the immediate consumer experience, Dairy Queen’s collaboration with Weirdo Ghost Gang reflects a broader trend in the business landscape.

Companies, including industry giants like Disney and creators of NFT phenomena like Bored Ape Yacht Club, are increasingly exploring NFTs as a form of intellectual property (IP).

This strategic move goes beyond digital borders, seeking to integrate NFT brands into tangible, real-world products.

However, Dairy Queen’s foray into the NFT realm occurs against the backdrop of a fluctuating market.

While the NFT market showed signs of recovery last month, rebounding from a significant downturn, it remains far below the peak witnessed in April 2022. The timing of Dairy Queen’s NFT venture raises questions about the strategic considerations influencing the iconic frozen treat brand’s decision.

In essence, Dairy Queen’s collaboration with Weirdo Ghost Gang introduces a unique blend of physical and digital experiences, challenging traditional expectations and adding a new flavour to the intersection of fast food and blockchain technology.

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