Curve Finance Founder Hints at a Stablecoin Launch

Curve Finance Founder Hints at a Stablecoin Launch

The popular DeFi procedure Curve Finance’s founder hints at the possible launch of a stablecoin from the platform even after the Terra USD ordeal.

As per a tweet from SCB 10X, a Thai financial investment company, the subject of a native Curve stablecoin was raised today at a web3 top throughout a virtual chat in between Curve CEO and founder Michael Egorov and The Spartan Group co-founder Kelvin Koh.

When asked if Curve would launch a stablecoin, Egorov mentioned flatly that it would be over-collateralized, including, “That’s all I can say for now.”

Stablecoins in the DeFi area are either over-collateralized, such as MakerDAO’s DAI, or under-collateralized, such as Terra’s UST.

Following UST’s collapse in May, the concern of stablecoin collateralization has actually pertained to the leading edge for numerous. Curve’s stablecoin will probably follow a design comparable to DAI’s in order to prevent the fate of UST, according to Egorov’s remark.

This unexpected discovery from Curve Finance comes at a time as simply 2 weeks back Aave Protocol presented GHO stablecoin pegged to USD which goes through the approval of the Aave neighborhood DAO.

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