Cryptopunk # 4156 Bought for a Whopping $3.3 M

Cryptopunk #4156 sold for a whopping $3.3M

The Founder and General Partner of crypto financing company, 1confirmation Nick Tomaino bought CryptoPunk # 4156 for a whopping $3.3Million Notice that the NFT was in advance bought for over $10 Million.

In a twitter thread, he swore by the CryptoPunks in addition calling them the drivers for the NFT movement.

He stated that CryptoPunk # 4156 has among lots of greatest makers in crypto due to ‘@punk4156’ and the area of artists which have actually produced works throughout the ape. For the unaware, ‘@punk4156’ is the designer of NounsDAO.

He extra tweeted,“Similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum, Punks has emerged as its personal digital nation state the place individuals are aligned by shared beliefs and financial incentives reasonably than bodily location”

He revealed his understanding in the method forward for NFTs calling their development as a powerful world possession class.


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