Cosmos Hub Prepares for v14.1 Upgrade on December 13

Cosmos Hub is gearing up for a significant change with its v14.1 upgrade set to happen at block height 18262000 on December 13.

You can track the live countdown to this update here.

The focus of this upgrade is on enhancing security through the Interchain Security provider module.

One key addition is the cryptographic verification of equivocation, which automatically penalises validators for actions like double signing and light client attacks on the provider chain.

Testing the New Upgrade

The v14.1 release has undergone thorough testing, including e2e, integration, and differential tests.

Independent testing by the Hypha Co-Op team will further ensure its reliability.

Validators and node operators are encouraged to participate in a public testnet to experience a release candidate before the final upgrade.

The Gaia v14.1 release follows the standard governance process, starting with a forum post on the Cosmos Hub forum.

After gathering feedback for about a week, a governance proposal moves to the Cosmos Hub for a 2-week on-chain voting period.

Community Proposals

In November, the governing body of Cosmos Hub endorsed a proposal to decrease the maximum inflation rate of its native token, Cosmos (ATOM), from 14% to 10%.

Recent upgrades also introduced a liquid staking module, allowing users to bypass the previous 21-day unbonding period for unstaking ATOM funds.

This means ATOM holders can now use their staked assets in the Cosmos decentralised finance ecosystem without waiting for 21 days.

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