Cool Cats NFT Collection Steals the Spotlight at Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade featured an unconventional participant this year—the Cool Cats NFT collection, elevating its status to iconic proportions alongside characters like Pikachu and Ronald McDonald.

Hovering above the parade was the collection’s main character, Blue Cat, accompanied by a milk carton named Chugs. This dynamic duo marked the launch of the new “The Milk Chug” YouTube Shorts series, intricately linked to the Cool Cats brand. The balloon’s symbolism intertwines with the collection’s digital narrative.

The brainchild of artist Colin ‘Clon’ Egan, aka the ‘Cartoonist,’ the Cool Cats journey began as a series of artworks in 2015. Fast forward to 2021, Clon launched the Cool Cats NFT collection, featuring 9,999 Blue Cat PFPs (profile pictures). This initiative became a standout “blue chip” PFP project during the late 2021 NFT boom, with prices averaging $92,000.

While the project initially soared, signing with Hollywood agency CAA and expanding into multiple blockchain networks, challenges arose. Prices plummeted, reflecting community discontent and broader crypto market trends. Despite this, Cool Cats adapted, announcing plans to diversify across blockchain networks and collaborate with gaming studios, including a partnership with Animoca Brands for the Japanese market.

Commemorating the parade, Macy’s Herald Square introduced a limited-edition Cool Cats hoodie. Notably, this wearable piece integrates an NFC chip linked to an Azuki-backed token, bridging the physical and digital realms. The hoodie innovation reflects Cool Cats’ adaptability, mirroring its journey of highs and lows.

The collection’s floor price now stands at 1.05 ETH (over $2,150), a noteworthy shift from its peak. Analytics from OpenSea reveal a 195% surge in trading volumes within the last 24 hours, attributed to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. This unexpected spotlight has injected renewed vigour into the Cool Cats NFT collection, demonstrating its ability to adapt and thrive amid evolving trends.

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