City and Financial Global to hold Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit


The confluence of Big Data, cloud computing and AI has actually transformed the chances and hazards that data presents to data-intensive markets such as financial services. The market’s experience of crisis action has actually revealed the prospective threats of data-sharing both to companies and their consumers. As the regulative landscape progresses, it is ending up being significantly essential to comprehend what is driving data threats in a company and how to stay alert to far higher examination from regulators, who desire financial services companies to construct a strong data culture to make sure accountable, transparent and ethical usage of artificial intelligence and data analytics. Of course, the chances are likewise substantial: AI-driven data analytics can enormously increase customization of financial items and the granularity of danger evaluation.

Against this background, City and Financial Global has actually revealed that the next edition of Data and the Future of Financial Services Summit, chaired by Vivienne Artz OBE, non-executive director of GLEIF, chair of the IRSG Data Committee and chair of the board of directors of IAPP, will be kept in individual in Central London on June 14, 2022.

An outstanding variety of leading professionals will direct delegates through the following styles:

  • How is data specifying the future of financial markets in the United Kingdom and worldwide at this moment in time? How can the power of ingenious innovations be utilized to fix sustainability problems, and what function does data play? Update on the importance of quantum computing.
  • The most current on the U.K.’s regulative reform for data and Data Regulators Cooperation Forum– what does this mean for the financial services sector?
  • Delivering digital improvement in a data-driven market. Update on FCA’s data method. Data at the conference room level: Understanding what is driving data threats and prompt acting on them. Practical actions to establishing a data governance structure for a company and the function of senior management. Data gain access to control and governance
  • Trust, improvement of culture and ethical data utilize sometimes of increased expectations of the financial services market. Are digital principles being accepted as a tactical, C-suite problem and service enabler?
  • The future of global transfers. Are we being pressed back towards localization of data and eliminating the complimentary circulation of data?
  • Is there stress in between data legislation and crypto exchange? What are the data chances and difficulties for the progressing crypto landscape?
  • AI and improvement. The power of AI-driven data analytics to boost customization of financial items and the granularity of danger evaluation.
  • AI and the ramifications for data defense. Regulating AI in the financial services sector– what could this appear like? The EU’s proposed guidelines for AI in financial services. What can be gained from China’s method to AI policies?
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