Celsius Network Creditors Brace for Phishing Onslaught Amidst Bankruptcy

As the bankruptcy proceedings of Celsius Network reach their culmination, a concerning resurgence of phishing attacks has emerged, posing significant risks to the lender’s creditors.

In recent days, social media channels have been abuzz with reports highlighting a surge in phishing attempts, with malevolent actors assuming the guise of Stretto, the bankruptcy services platform entrusted with overseeing the intricacies of the Celsius Network bankruptcy and safeguarding the interests of its creditors.

Alarming accounts have surfaced, painting a picture of the threats faced by these creditors.

One user, for instance, recounted a disconcerting encounter with three phishing emails falsely purporting to originate from Celsius on 18 September.

Similarly, several others have fallen prey to fraudulent emails laden with malicious links, meticulously crafted to mimic Stretto, the claims agent tasked with managing the bankruptcy case.

Of particular concern is the duplicitous website that these malevolent actors have concocted, cunningly substituting a solitary letter, an “s,” in the URL to replicate the genuine Stretto website.

This impostor site deceptively prompts visitors to connect their wallets, thereby affording the scammers an open door to drain the contents of crypto assets once the connection is established.

One seasoned analyst and business manager raises a critical concern: the heightened vulnerability to phishing attacks during this pivotal phase.

In light of this, it becomes imperative for all stakeholders involved to exercise heightened vigilance and adopt prudent precautions.

In mid-August, Celsius received the authorisation to commence the distribution of voting ballots to its customers, marking a critical juncture in their decision-making process concerning a proposed settlement plan.

Unfortunately, this moment has been seized upon by opportunistic scammers, who have intensified their phishing efforts as the voting deadline looms.

Simon Dixon, CEO, and co-founder of the online investment platform BnkToTheFuture, brings attention to the timeline in play: the final date for casting votes was set for 18 September, the report’s release scheduled for 20 September, and a confirmation hearing earmarked for 29 September.

A crucial milestone is on the horizon, as Celsius endeavours to secure final court approval for its restructuring plan on 2 October.

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