Bybit Introduces USDe Stablecoin through Ethena Labs Partnership

Introducing USDe on Bybit Platform

Bybit, the world’s third-largest crypto exchange, has forged a strategic alliance with Ethena Labs, bringing forth Ethena’s USDe stablecoin to the Bybit platform. USDe, a decentralised monetary solution, operates independently from traditional banking systems. It leverages delta-hedging staked Ether (ETH) for comprehensive collateral backing.


Bybit’s Role in USDe’s Hedging Flows

This collaboration signifies a pivotal move in digital currency innovation, with Bybit set to handle significant hedging flows for USDe. This strengthens its position in Ethena’s strategic framework and diversifies stablecoin options for Bybit users, offering an alternative to centralised stablecoins.

Ethena’s Approach and Industry Impact

Ethena’s methodology involves segregated custody and execution, aligning with conventional market practices. Employing qualified custodians for asset safety mirrors Bybit’s commitment to meeting institutional demands. This initiative establishes Ethena as a transformative player in the industry.

CEO’s Perspective

Ben Zhou, Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, highlights the company’s dedication to overcoming crypto challenges. He emphasises the creation of decentralised stablecoins, stating,

“Our collaboration with Ethena Labs underscores our resolve in addressing significant crypto hurdles, notably the creation of a decentralised stablecoin.”

The integration of USDe expands Bybit’s stablecoin offerings, providing users with diverse solutions accessible from their Unified Trading Account.

Bybit’s Recent Upgrades

Bybit Institutional, a part of the exchange, has upgraded its Portfolio Margin Mode. This enhancement introduces spot trading capabilities, enabling traders to incorporate spot positions into their hedging strategies, thereby enhancing risk management in the volatile crypto market.

Advantages of the Upgraded Margin Mode

The integration of spot trading into Portfolio Margin Mode brings several benefits, including reduced margin requirements and seamless integration of spot positions into unified portfolio management.

Spot Hedging and Opt-In

Traders can opt into spot hedging for spot prices, enhancing risk management. However, this feature requires active participation, with the system verifying the trader’s maintenance margin rate before allowing the switch.

Bybit’s Steps in Risk Mitigation

Bybit’s collaboration with Copper’s ClearLoop network has significantly addressed institutional investor needs and reinforced governance, transparency, and accountability principles. This integration allows expedited off-chain settlements, reducing counterparty risk during market turbulence.

Enhanced Security Measures

The partnership enables access to ClearLoop’s trust documentation, ensuring enhanced security and confidence for Bybit’s clients. The integration showcases transparent English Law trust structures and safeguards assets under Copper’s Multi-Party Computation custody.

The Impact of Collaborations

These strategic collaborations between Bybit and Ethena Labs, as well as Copper’s ClearLoop network, highlight the ongoing evolution of the crypto landscape towards enhanced stability, security, and diversified offerings. Such alliances are instrumental in fortifying the industry’s foundations and fostering confidence among users and investors alike.

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