Brazil’s CVM Launches Crypto Glossary To Standardise Language

The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) has collaborated with the Brazilian Cryptoeconomics Association (ABCripto) to introduce a comprehensive glossary aimed at standardising crypto-related terminology in Brazil.

The glossary, co-compiled and published by ABCripto, consists of over 200 entries covering terms related to cryptocurrencies, digital assets, tokenization, and other relevant areas. According to Paulo Portinho, the CVM’s Education and Financial Inclusion Director, the initiative aligns with the regulator’s efforts to enhance clarity and simplicity in crypto-related language. Portinho emphasised the glossary’s role in helping people “understand technical terms related to new financial technologies,” with a particular focus on facilitating knowledge for individual investors.

ABCripto reportedly formed a working group that authored the glossary, which was then reviewed and validated by the CVM. The parties involved sought consensus on the definitions, and adherence to existing Brazilian crypto-related legislation was a guiding principle. The glossary covers a broad spectrum of terms, ranging from crypto mining to tax-related terminology, as well as commonly used English and Portuguese terms like “stablecoin,” “bear market,” and “ATH” (all-time high).

Bernardo Srur, CEO of ABCripto, expressed pride in the collaborative effort, stating that the glossary stands as “a source of knowledge and structure for the development” of participants in the digital assets market. The glossary is lauded for its technical rigor and editorial quality, reflecting the contributions of numerous individuals involved in the project.

The glossary launch is part of a broader technical cooperation agreement between the CVM and ABCripto, emphasising financial education and knowledge dissemination in emerging financial technologies, including decentralised finance (DeFi) and cryptocurrencies. Fábio Moraes from ABCripto highlighted the unprecedented nature of the glossary within the sector, emphasising its crucial role in educating the public about complex market terms. Nathalie Vidual from CVM added that the document will be periodically updated to reflect ongoing innovations in the field of cryptoeconomics, aiming to be a dynamic and living resource for market participants and the broader society.

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