Boss Beauties Acquires BFF to Champion Women in Tech

Boss Beauties Acquires BFF to Champion Women in Tech

Boss Beauties, a media and entertainment brand committed to empowering and guiding the next generation of women and girls, has made a significant announcement of its acquisition of BFF.

BFF, a community dedicated to educating and connecting individuals in the emerging tech space, has a parallel mission to Boss Beauties.

Beyond its NFT PFP collection, Boss Beauties is renowned for developing educational programmes, compelling content, and exclusive products.

Similarly, BFF, a decentralised organisation, plays a pivotal role in helping women and non-binary individuals access education and engagement in the realm of Web3.

By coming together, these two communities aim to amplify their impact in bringing the next million women and girls into the Web3 space.

Lisa Mayer, Co-Founder and CEO of Boss Beauties, emphasised that this collaboration will offer multiple pathways for women to succeed in the crypto sphere.

She said:

ā€œWeb3’s projected market value is expected to be $10 trillion in the next five years as it continues to grow, but, unfortunately, women and girls are already being left behind in such a young industry. If we want the next generation, especially women and girls, to be successful in learning about new technologies as they evolve, they will need access to trusted and diverse educational resources. Thatā€™s exactly what Boss Beauties will be able to provide by acquiring such an amazing brand and community as BFF.”

BFF, co-founded by Brit Morin and Jaime Schmidt in 2022, has gained recognition for its extensive educational resources, expert-curated content, immersive events, and the “21 Days of Web3” initiative.

The brand’s outreach also made headlines by distributing complimentary digital collectibles to 8,000 wallets at its inception, with notable founding members including Tyra Banks, Randi Zuckerberg, and Paris Hilton.

Jaime Schmidt, Co-Founder of BFF, echoed the sentiment that their collective strength will be a force to be reckoned with:

“By combining our strengths, expertise, and shared vision with Boss Beauties, we are now better positioned to drive innovation, expand our impact, and provide even more value to our members and the broader community.”

Expanding upon this sentiment and underscoring the overarching vision behind their endeavour, Lila Thomas, Vice President of Brand and Strategic Partnerships at Boss Beauties, spoke in regard to the vital significance of providing credible educational resources and dedicated spaces for the empowerment of women and girls:

ā€œIt’s so important to us at Boss Beauties to focus on educating the next generation of women and girls. This move ensures that women and girls stay updated and involved as these technologies advance. [This] also allows us to continue building out BFFā€™s incredible educational content, which truly makes learning about Web3 and emerging technologies so approachable.”

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