Blur Airdrops $300M worth of BLUR Tokens to ‘Loyal’ NFT Traders

Blur Airdrops $300M worth of BLUR Tokens to ‘Loyal’ NFT Traders

One day after unseating ‘OpenSea’ as the leading challenger in the NFT marketplace, Blur revealed its impending ‘Mythical Care Packages’ airdrop, which would distribute $300 million worth of BLUR tokens to customers who have been faithful to the platform throughout Season 2.


BLUR has created three bars to tempt customers and improve the likelihood of receiving $BLUR tokens. This is done so that the company can maintain its supremacy over its other rivals. During Season 2, Blur will select the distribution of tokens based on the user’s “loyalty score,” which will directly relate to the user’s involvement with the platform as well as their commitment to using it.

Those that totally abstain from utilizing any other NFT platforms will be awarded with a loyalty score of one hundred percent.

The amount of $BLUR tokens that are distributed will be directly proportional to the total number of NFT listings as well as the loyalty score. In addition to this, “Listing blue chips helps,” as does listing more active collections.

Blur also cautioned users against trying to scam the marketplace by relisting items at prices that are irrationally high, using fake profiles, or listing defunct collections.

As was previously decided, a significant number of BLUR tokens will be distributed to members of the community throughout the second season.

As a result of its fee-free business model, the excitement around the launch of the brand new NFT marketplace, Blur, and the $BLUR token airdrop has gone viral. The 436% increase in trading volume that Blur marketplace saw yesterday put it well ahead of OpenSea in the competition for weekly trading volume.

According to Coingecko, the value of $BLUR tokens on the market has reached $0.938013 as of the time this article was written.

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