Bitwise Co-Founders Face Arrest in Alleged $100M Investor Fraud Scheme

Bitwise Industries, a prominent tech entity in Fresno, faces turmoil as its co-founders, Irma Olguin Jr. and Jake Soberal, are arrested on charges of orchestrating a fraudulent scheme that allegedly duped investors of a colossal $100 million. The United States Attorney’s office, led by Phillip Talbert, asserts that the duo engaged in deceptive financial practices, fabricating crucial information to secure investments.

In a startling revelation, the indictment outlines a troubling scenario where Olguin Jr. and Soberal are accused of manipulating bank statements and disseminating false financial data to investors and their boards. The indictment further reveals the use of properties as undisclosed loan collateral, raising concerns about financial transparency. The co-founders’ substantial salaries are also under scrutiny amidst the company’s financial upheaval.

The charges come at a time when Bitwise is grappling with the furlough of 900 employees, causing significant disruptions to its operations. This has resulted in the suspension of the company’s ambitious projects aimed at fostering opportunities in the tech industry for underserved communities. The future of the workforce and the company’s commitments to various U.S. cities now hang in uncertainty.

Simultaneously, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against Olguin Jr. and Soberal, accusing them of grossly misrepresenting Bitwise’s financial health to investors. The SEC alleges that the company, under their guidance, raised $70 million based on purportedly falsified credentials, painting a grim picture of a company seemingly on the brink of collapse despite outwardly optimistic projections.

Despite the scandal, Bitwise continues its foray into the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market. The company, known for amending its application for a spot Bitcoin ETF, seeks to provide investors with regulated exposure to Ethereum and Bitcoin futures, showcasing resilience amidst the ongoing legal turmoil.

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