BitsCrunch Community Token Sale, Rewards, And More to Launch on Coinlist

Registration is now live for the BitsCrunch (BCUT) community token sale on CoinList.

3.6 million, or 6% of the total supply of 60 million BCUT tokens will be offered at a rate of 0.055 USDT per token.

The sale is slated to commence on December 15.

An additional 5 million BCUT tokens have been earmarked for rewards, with a discretionary 10 million additional BCUT tokens potentially available during the BitsCrunch Community Sale.

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BCUT Tokens

Functioning as the native token for the platform, BCUT holds significance in governance, enabling holders to actively participate through voting on proposals and network changes.

The token also serves as an incentive mechanism for contributors and stakeholders, ensuring commitment to the platform’s growth.

In the delegated proof-of-stake system, validators are mandated to stake tokens for network protection.

Founded in 2020 in Munich, Germany, by data experts Vijay Maharajan, Ashok Varadharajan, Saravanan Jaichandaran, Gopi Kannapan, and Ajay Prashanth, BitsCrunch has developed into a prominent AI-powered blockchain data analytics software.

Analytics On Chain

BitsCrunch received a fully subscribed $750,000 seed sale in 2021, with backing from industry players such as Covalent, GenBlock, MEXC, Ledger Prime, and Double Peak.

UnleashNFTs, their flagship product, is a comprehensive data platform enhancing NFT analytics.

In addition to scoring NFT collections, it excels in fraud detection, alerting relevant parties to risks, criminal attempts, and phishing attacks.

The platform’s forgery detection feature aids in combating copyright infringement, notifying creators and marketplaces about potential breaches.

Despite identifying Dune Analytics, Nansen, Chainalysis, and Elliptic as primary competitors, the market reception for BitsCrunch’s services, given its relative newcomer status, remains uncertain.

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