Binance Launches Web3 Wallet for Millions of Registered Users

Binance, during the Binance Blockchain Week conference in Istanbul, unveiled its new Web3 wallet, integrating it into the Binance mobile app for wider accessibility.

This development aims to offer a user-friendly and secure self-custody solution for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

During the official launch, CZ Zhao, the CEO of Binance, shared the underlying motivation behind the company’s decision to introduce this service.

“Web3 wallets represent more than just storing digital assets — they are an integral part of the Web3 framework, empowering individuals with the ability for self-sovereign finance.”

Multiparty Computation

The Web3 wallet within the Binance app leverages the cutting-edge technology of multiparty computation (MPC).

This security measure involves splitting users’ private keys into three distinct shares.

He added:

“Having the key shares split across three different locations mitigates the risk of the keys being compromised and reduces the vulnerability of the system.”

The Binance Web3 Wallet is currently unavailable to users in the United States, a decision that aligns with Binance’s compliance framework and regulatory requirements in different jurisdictions.

Richard Teng, the head of regional markets at Binance, shared:

“The overall aim when designing our Web3 Wallet is to help elevate the current user journey of experiencing Web3. We want our users to be assured that they are interacting with Web3 within a secure and protected ecosystem. That is why we have incorporated MPC technology as well as Binance’s trusted security infrastructure within the Web3 Wallet. The common stress of worrying about losing one’s seed phrase is removed, so that we can introduce a secure and smooth entry point for millions of users to safely and easily explore the Web3 universe.”

By incorporating the MPC technology, Binance aims to provide a secure and protected ecosystem for users to engage with the dynamic world of Web3, fostering confidence and trust in the platform’s capabilities.

Furthermore, Binance emphasises the significance of users safeguarding their wallet’s assets and access.

A Binance spokesperson highlighted the importance of retaining the recovery password and the device to prevent any potential loss of access:

“If a user forgets their recovery password AND loses their device/delete the Binance app, they won’t be able to access their Web3 Wallet and Binance will not be able to restore it for them.”

Binance Expands Crypto Services

Binance’s introduction of the Web3 Wallet marks a step in its expansion into diverse crypto services, indicating a strategic shift in the evolving market dynamics.

Despite this shift, Binance remains committed to exploring innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the crypto community, ensuring a secure and reliable platform for users worldwide.

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